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About Us

MjLife SMW


To understand the origins of StickMan, we must first start with the founder Mr. Shachell Osbourne  the yongest of 5 born from Jamaican hertigate who grew up in the urban surroundings of south London's inner cities. The music scene during Shchaell's late teens was very vibrant with the emergence of a new home grown (no pun intended) EDM genre called Jungle which is known today as Drum & Bass. Shachell was very much influenced by this genre of music and set on a path to make a career of it but something wild happened and Shachell ended up immigrating to the United States and joining the military for 14 years. During this time away much maturity and knowledge was gained including the idea to come up with an exit strategy to get back to the music scene because there was much-unfinished business to take care of. 

The Birth of StickMan

During the days before the military, Shachell socialized with south London's kingpins in the marijuana underground due to the ties in the music industry. The idea to open a dispensary was the first choice with the recent changes sweeping across the USA. So the story goes, one-day Shachell sat down at his computer hellbent on designing a logo for his dispensary, of course, he Google’s pictures of cannabis leafs to no end then somehow a lightbulb goes on and he Google‘s images of the cannabis molecule. After looking at the molecule for a matter of seconds he comes up with StickMan first. The name MjLife was already chosen at the time, and within a matter of a couple more seconds he saw that MjLife would fit into the molecule design. Shachell describes the feeling after the discovery as feeling like he just won the lottery realizing immediately how iconic a logo of this nature could be, so off to trademark office, and the rest is history.


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