• Limited (Molecular Madness) 100% Hemp Embroidered StickMan Wear TShirt From Concrete Collection

    $95.00 $75.00

    (Molecular Madness) This StickMan Wear T-Shirt features the molecular make up of THC screen printed patterned front and back with one colored and embroidered logo on the front of the T-Shirt along with authenticity labeling and this T-Shirt features a wide neck fit to for extra comfort.

    This T-Shirt is inspired by the origin of the StickMan logo which is the Marijuana/THC molecule. A great deal is being learned about the properties of this molecule with its many health benefits in treating a number of aliments the monster of them being Cancer. Big pharmaceutical companies want you to ignore this, which is why this shirt was nearly named "pharmaceutical madness". Please watch this short video covering just one of many studies conducted.

    3 X More stronger than cotton
    4 X More warmer than cotton
    7 X More fire retardant than cotton
    StickMan Wear, For The Love of Hemp