• (Media Ctrl) Exclusive Limited Edition Launch Hemp T-Shirt From StickMan Wear

    $90.00 $65.00

    This launch T-Shirt is still available in limited quantity exclusive StickMan Wear. This Shirt features a printed design front (BlockMan StickMan's Cousin) and back made with the finest Hemp material with authenticity label on lower left of T-Shirt. The significance of this shirt lies with the message portrayed by creator of this design. That is "The media, associated press are frauds, they control what you see misleading you 98% of the time" Example please watch this 1m30sec video. Now lets lighten the mood with this video.

    3 X More stronger than cotton
    4 X More warmer than cotton
    7 X More fire retardant than cotton
    StickMan Wear, For The Love of Hemp