Here at MjLife Hemp Clothing Co AKA StickMan™ we see ourselves as more than just a clothing line. We are intent on making our standards, methods and ideology known to our customers. Fashion is more than just the clothes we wear, it’s a lifestyle which should be mindful of the natural world we live in today. Being a Eco-Friendly company is very important and StickMan™ incorporates this is by striving to make its garments from hemp and other natural fibers like bamboo while remaining conscious of the carbon footprint left by the manufacturing process in an effort to help protect the environment.
Current pricing throughout the site reflects a 60% discount on garments which is due to the current supply in materials. StickMan is seeking to switch production to high grade hemp materials which will result in the price increase reflected. 

Concrete/Organic Collections/Hemp Heaven(Coming Soon)

StickMan™ intends to make waves in the fashion industry due its ethos on sustainable living, human rights, animal rights and basic freedom of speech. You can find a lot of these topics depicted within the Concrete Collection line of StickMan™ which is unlike the Organic Collection line of clothing which remains all about fashion. The Organic Collection and Hemp Heaven are separate entities being the premium line of garments from StickMan™ and contains the contrast of the Concrete Collection sporting more refined smooth solid colors with a more simplistic minimalist look. Hemp Heaven is a secret project at the moment and details are very vague stayed tuned for more information. 



Who is StickMan? StickMan (molecular structure of marijuana) 

The true age of StickMan is unknown due to the large timeline applicable when the first Marijuana plant grew from earth’s soil. The logo was first adapted strictly for StiackMan™ in the early stages of MjLife Hemp Clothing Co. It soon became clear how popular StickMan™ was becoming which made parent company MjLife adapted StickMan as its own logo which was easy because the "MJL" was already incorporated in the StickMan™ logo. Currently there are three version of the StickMan™ logo, one is the short version which is for MjLife , the second is also MjLife but also contains lettering, the thrid is the longer version which is for StickMan™. Management already know that there has been some confusion between the logos and are seeking to consolidate and drop a logo.